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Boost your online presence in the fastest and the most automated means possible with PrestaShop SEO Module that automatically configures keywords, meta titles and meta descriptions of CMS, categories and product pages by using best practices.

  1.      Automatically Creates Meta Title, Description & Keywords for each page
  2.      Instantly Add SEO Metas For Home, Categories, Products & CMS Pages
  3.      Display Search Bar & Social Accounts in Google Search Results
  4.      Generate SEO Optimized Sitemap & Robots.Txt
  5.      Create & Manage 301, 302, 303 URL Redirections
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This PrestaShop SEO Manager helps your web pages to stay ahead of competition with superior algorithms and powerful support.  You can optimize on-page SEO components of your website such as keywords, current Meta title and Meta descriptions manually or automatically. If you set it to Auto, then default Meta values will be ignored.

This SEO booster plugin comes with extra tools and features such as Google search box, URL redirects options, Robots.txt generator, Robots.txt editor, sitemap, Google social profiles and Google site options, and more.

Key Benefits of PrestaShop SEO Module

If you want your website to be seen by online users more than any other competitor, then Advance SEO manager is the all in one package you need.

No Requirements for Technical Knowledge

While being fully automated in function, this seo plugin for PrestaShop is self employed sentry that maintains it as it performs and gives the best SEO results a merchant could ever want. Boost your traffic and rankings with this powerful SEO PrestaShop 1.6.

Personalize your SEO settings

For picking the right keywords you can set the least length of single words, 2, 3, 5 words phrases along with their occurrences. This increases your search engine ranks and click through rate.

Optimization for Google

You can add Google search box, Google sitename box and Google social profiles for your website. This helps your website to stay closely connected to the most powerful search engine on the internet. 

Increase your Sales Revenues

Sales revenues of every online business are directly connected to its online presence. The more exposure it receives the more the clicks and more visitors contribute to potential conversions that later turn into healthy leads. Keep up your returns with Advance PrestaShop SEO booster.

What your Customers will Like

Easy to Find

Customers need not worry about landing on a low graded website with inferior services because this SEO plugin makes sure that the best and the most optimized website gets the top position for customers to click on.

Keyword Specific

Customer can search for a related keyword and find the required website. This promotes better user experience and fast track search engine results.

Key Features of PrestaShop SEO Plugin

  • Use one page for configuring tile, keywords and descriptions and other Meta information
  • Produces Meta title with the following steps : “product name” – “product category” – “shop title” (For Category and Product pages), “Page title” – “Shop Title” (For CMS Pages)
  • You can set the least length of single words, 2, 3, 5 words phrases along with their occurrences for picking the right keywords
  • With rate and SERP ranking clicks are increased
  • Amplifies sales revenue by attracting traffic to your website
  • Website owners can add Google sitename
  • Website owners can add Google social profiles
  • Create Robots.txt with the option of edit Robots.txt
  • You use multiple languages to generate sitemaps and set a cron job to automatically generate it for future
  • Limitless options for URL redirects
  • Manual as well as Auto meta generator enabled
  • Business owners can add Google search box to their websites
  • Site map generator
  • For both manual and auto, Meta generator is added
  • Using cron job for Meta generation
  • Elegant design at back-office
  • Improved and upgraded Multi-byte generator
  • PrestaShop SEO optimization works with multi store

Reviews & Ratings (2)

  • improve userguide

    A bit technical to understand, but thanks to the help desk for bearing with me and guiding me through. I suggest improving the user guide guys ;)

  • seo meta

    Super Savor! Automated metas for thousands of my products - saved me time and money,

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