Prestashop Quote Module - Allow Customer to Ask For Quotations

Prestashop Quote Module

Prestashop Quote Module - Allow Customer to Ask For Quotations

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PrestaShop Quote module allows your customers to add products to the bag and request for a quotation. It is useful in many cases such as when customers require a bulk quantity of product with specific details. You can communicate with the customer through instant messaging, receive email notifications for quotes, send discount vouchers through emails.

  1. Add "Add to Quote" feature to any product
  2. Enable customers to make a pack of multiple products and ask for bundle quote
  3. Customizable quotation form with full WYSIWYG editor
  4. Communicate with the customer from Back Office
  5. Send and receive email notifications
  6. Generate & send direct cart links to customer
  7. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Key Functionality of PrestaShop Quotation Module

Ask for a Quote Module for PrestaShop allows your customers to ask quote for the product by clicking ‘Add to Quote’ button on the product page. The product is added to an Ajax-based block so that customers can keep adding products to quote. You can customize the quotation form and add new fields with WYSIWYG Editor to acquire more information.

Key Features of PrestaShop Quote module:

Front End Features of PrestaShop Quotation Module:

  • Option added to show quote button if product out of stock
  • Option added to hide add to cart button if quote button is enabled
  • Option added to hide price if quote button is enabled
  • Option added to show quote button only if catalog mode is ON
  • Add to quote button added on listing page and quick view
  • Restrict By Customer Group
  • Allows users to ask you product quotations
  • Allow quotations on specific categories
  • Allow quotation on specific products
  • Enable a cart block on the top right for adding quote request
  • Creates a button of ‘Add to Quote’ on product pages
  • Enable customers to add product combinations and quantity as well
  • Smooth and lag free loading backed with Ajax technology
  • Create a ‘Continue as Quotation’ options so that users can ask for a collective cost estimate
  • A quotation form allows you to get more information for future use
  • Email alerts to customers and merchant when quotation is sent
  • Users can view the status of their quote from the link provided in their user account
  • Email alerts are sent to merchant when user sends message
  • Users are notified via email with the link to art when the price request is approved
  • Customers receive discount voucher emails with links
  • Discount calculator to calculate the final amount for store owners

Back Office of Prestashop Quote Module:

  • A Link Block appears on ‘Product Quotation’ in the main menu of back-end
  • Enable or disable status of the form for cost estimation
  • The merchant can view the details of quotation, sends messages, create rebate vouchers and format the form with WYSIWYG editor.
  • You can view or send messages to the customers who have to request a cost
  • The configuration allows you to customize titles for the cart button, product page button, email preferences and coupon expiry date.

Latest Updates:

  • New Quote button designed added
  • Form creation process changed and improved significantly
  • Option added for user to have quote into PDF
  • Option added to show message using variables
  • Option to edit quote details in back office
  • Option to add file to quote details in back office
  • Option to add discounts and fee separately 
  • Option to allow guests to submit quote
  • Option to allow quotes for not available products
  • New Feature - Added reference/sku to quotation listing, pdf
  • New Feature - New messages counter on quotation listing
  • New Feature - Send quote PDF attachment in email to admin

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