Facebook Send Button

Facebook Send Button

Facebook Send Button

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  • version PrestaShop

With PrestaShop Facebook Send Button Module, get the most out of Facebook Marketing. Let your users share valuable content of your website on their profiles with just one button. Product information, URL and any comment will be shared instantly on their profiles.  Facebook Send button is fully customizable. This plugin is extremely lightweight and serves best marketing purposes. 

Did you find out something valuable and want to share it with your Facebook friends? PrestaShop Facebook Send Button Module lets you share all valuable content instantly with your Facebook community. Facebook is one of the great sources of sales generation for millions of merchants. This plugin places Facebook Send button similar to Facebook Like button on product pages and website footer. Clicking on the button opens up a pop up window which have “To” and “Message” fields on it, enter the recipient name and any message and then hit the send button.

 If you perform this action on product page, product information and link will be shared on your Facebook profile otherwise if you perform it from the footer then website link and information is shared to your Facebook Community. This PrestaShop Social Media Plugin supports custom URL option through which you can set custom URL that will be spread on users Facebook profiles once they will use send button.

 PrestaShop Send Button Plugin is extremely lightweight, requires one click installation and makes your content go viral instantly. 


  • Use this button to send URL to your Facebook friends.
  • Customer can click on like button which will share your product on their social networking profiles.
  • Search engines calculate likes in website ranking, give your website a quick chance to rank higher
  • Makes your website up to the modern standards
  • You can give custom URL for send button.
  • Multiple color themes available.
  • One Click installation

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