Prestashop Limit Order Quantity | Cart Quantity Module

Prestashop Limit Order Quantity

Prestashop Limit Order Quantity | Cart Quantity Module

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  • version PrestaShop
    v1.6 - v1.7 - v8.x

Prestashop Limit Order Quantity Module gives you the option to specify the quantity of a product that customers can buy at a time. 

  1. Option to select the maximum and minimum quantity
  2. Option to apply rules to specific customer group
  3. Option to select one product or whole categories
  4. Option to select products based on suppliers and categories
  5. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades

Click to visit our Limit Order Quantity Module on the official Prestashop Store.

If you want to limit the quantity of any particular product that a user can purchase at a time, then Prestashop Limit Cart Quantity Module is a must-have for you. Our module is developed on a rules-based design that makes it very easy for merchants to apply rules according to their needs. You can create multiple rules to cater to different case scenarios. 

Admin can create a rule that applies to a single product or at the same time can also create a rule that will be applicable to whole categories. This is very useful if you are selling some high-value products that you want to limit per customer basis. This makes it easy for you to evenly sell your products to multiple customers so that a single customer does not get away with purchasing all of the stock at once. 

You can also make a rule that is applicable to specific customer groups. If you are offering services or products to b2b customers that can be a really useful feature for you. You can only sell large number of quantities to your b2b customers, normal users will be able to purchase a single product but b2b customers will have to buy products in quantity as specified by you in the backend.

Check out video below for more details:

Features Offered by Prestashop Order Limit Module

  • Limit order quantity based on minimum or maximum quantity
  • Show a customizable message to users who enter product quantities other than selected
  • Rules-based design
  • Option to apply rules to specific customer group
  • Option to apply rules on specific products or categories
  • Option to show a customizable error message to users
  • Option to schedule rules
  • New Feature: Option to ON/OFF each feature when creating rules
  • New Feature: Option to add rule by brands
  • New Feature: Option to add rule by suppliers
  • New Feature: Option to show a message on front-end to contact us or put other HTML content
  • New Security update compatible

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