Prestashop Add Custom Field on Product Details Page

prestashop 1.7 add custom field to product

Prestashop Add Custom Field on Product Details Page

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  • version PrestaShop
    v1.7 - v8.x

Prestashop Add Custom Fields on Product Page Module enables you to create and display custom fields on the product details page. These fields can be used to gather additional information from your customers such their company name, some shipping instructions etc. 

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The "Prestashop Custom Fields on Product Details Page" module extends the functionality of the product details page by allowing the addition of custom fields. With this module, you can include extra information, specifications, or any other relevant details about your products beyond the default fields provided by PrestaShop.

One of the key features of Prestashop Add Custom Fields is the ability to add custom fields to the product details page. You have the flexibility to choose from various field types such as text fields, text areas and date depending on your specific requirements. This allows you to get the information in different formats to enhance the user experience.

To keep your product details page well-organized, the module allows you to create multiple field groups. By grouping the custom fields, you can ensure a clean and structured display of information, making it easier for customers to understand and interact with the fields. You have control over the visibility of the custom fields with options to display them on the specific products or whole categories. This gives you the flexibility to showcase the additional information where it is most relevant and valuable to your customers.

For multilingual stores, the module supports multiple languages. You can translate the custom field labels and instructions into different languages, ensuring a seamless experience for customers from various regions. Managing the custom fields is made simple through an intuitive backend interface provided by the module. You can easily add, edit, delete, and reorder fields as needed, giving you full control over the information displayed on the product details page.

Features Offered by Add Custom Fields to Product Page Module

  • Show extra custom fields on the product page
  • Three field types to choose from
  • Date based field type
  • Option to make fields mandatory
  • Show fields on particular products or whole categories
  • Option to show products on the cart page
  • Option to show fields to particular customer groups
  • Option to set a default value for custom field
  • Option to set field validation
  • Two error popup designs

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