Private Download Area for Authorized Customers

Prestashop Private Download Area

Private Download Area for Authorized Customers

  • best module Private Download Area for Customers
  • version PrestaShop
    v1.7 - v8.x

Private Download Area for Authorized Customers allows you to give access to the exclusive information to your special customers such as B2B or Whole Sellers. Private Download Area will create a dedicated tab in the user account containing all the files.

No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Private Download Area for Authorized Customers is the latest addition to the FME Modules catalog. If you want to share some private files or documentation including manuals, catalog, B2B price list with a selected group of users or with your professional customers then this is a perfect module for you.

When the admin gives access of the downloadable area to a customer a dedicated tab is created in the User Account section. Users can then access private files by clicking on that tab. The tab will only be visible to the users who are permitted by the admin.

Admin can give downloadable area access to the whole user group. There is also an option to search for the specific user and then give him/her access. Admin can also schedule file access by entering the start and end date. Permitted customers will only be able to access files during that time.

Features offered by Prestashop Private Download Area

  • Give file access to a specific user
  • Revoke access give to the users
  • Option to give access to one or more customer groups
  • Option to schedule the access by entering the start and end date
  • Upload multiple files and option to delete them from the backend
  • The rules-based interface allows admin to create multiple rules according to their need
  • New Feature: Option for a button to delete the unwanted file BO
  • New Feature: Grid/List view and sorting/search option in front-end files page
  • New Feature: Option to add titles to the files at the time of upload
  • New Feature: Different download icons based on file extension

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