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Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

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The essence of a business success lies in providing an utmost customer care that depends upon various factors. It may begin with the designing, color pattern and user interface, and extends to relevant and useful information. On a product or service page, customers often look for a detailed description to get better understanding, whereas they might come up with product related questions that are unanswered in the content.

To provide answers to most of the common questions about products and services, webmasters normally believe in managing a separate FAQ page that answers general queries.  

To find a satisfactory answer for product related questions, some customers may move on to the contact us page, fill the detail and wait for the reply. Whereas many users will leave your site and try to find other products catering to their needs. Most often, customers do not tolerate lack of information and might move on to another website that offers them a well-tailored response.

Now, discussing this problem further, there may be customers asking questions about specific products as well. For this purpose, you may have to hire an entire customer service team to cater queries about hundreds of products listed in your store. It’s a hectic and expensive job to do.

Product FAQs is a solution to above mentioned issues. By answering questions right on the product page,you do not let customers go. Satisfied customers would purchase right away, improving your conversions. A perfect example of this solution is PrestaShop Ask a Question Module.

FAQ Page is a Conversion Booster

A simple approach in avoiding the administrative cost is the placement of FAQs on each product page, where customers are served with the information they are looking for. It gets them educated about the products, and they don’t find a reason to leave your store. This finally results in higher conversion rate. Take an example of Roller Skate Nation, which had experienced an increase of 69% in conversion rate after adding Pro tips in the product page. (Roller Skate Nation Case study

To incorporate FAQs in a PrestaShop based shop, FME offers FAQ and Product Questions module. It is loaded with appealing features such as categorization of questions into topics, general and product based FAQs, and lots of other useful features discussed below, which ultimately results in an increase in conversion rate. Following are the reasons that explain how FAQ increases conversion rates.

Visitors Are Answered Well Before They Ask

A great majority of people want to educate themselves about a product before they place orders. They keep on browsing stores to grab more information out of the descriptions that are given on landing pages. The FAQs on the product page enables them to look for answers that may pop-up in their mind. They are more willing to proceed with the cart when find a logical answer to questions.

This Questions and answers module for PrestaShop enables you to write more about a product or service in the FAQ tab. It attracts visitors to find answers to a matching question they have in mind. The users are pleased to read the content and take the right decision rather than filling a contact us form and waiting for a reply.

FAQs are Search Engine Friendly

Search Engines are most likely to rank a website higher that has more informational and engaging content for the users. If you want your online store or any business to be ranked well in searches, FAQs will definetly give a boost.

The FAQs section accommodates a lot of relevant content in the forms of short pieces through questions and answers. Furthermore, FME FAQ and Product Questions plugin allows you to add a title and Meta description to FAQ page to ensure better search engine visibility. It classifies the questions into further topics to create more ease for the end consumer.

A user can find a relevant answer within a few clicks. It simply narrows down the choice for a user to go through the number of questions. It also makes it easy to incorporate keywords in various answers and maintain an acceptable keyword density that do not disturb user readability.

Reliable and Trustworthy Answers

The FAQs extensions are now enabled with like, dislike and ranking buttons that empower the users to rate an answer. If they are not satisfied with the provided answers, they can dislike, rank it low and even comment in the reply space. The latest innovation in the FAQ pages ensures reliable, relevant and trustworthy answers, because the users are free to rate them.

Moreover, the users can ask a question that is missing in the predetermined list of questions. They can click the tab right on the product page and leave their question rather than visiting the home page or filling the contact us form. It’s quick and reliable.

In terms of conversion and click through rate, the facility to ask a question has an indirect effect, because it keeps the users intact with the product page and serves them with an instant solution. They don’t feel astray after visiting your website.


The conversion rate is all about engaging the customers, entertaining them with the most demanding products and services, and meeting the highest quality standards of customer care. The online users are habitual to spend a few seconds in a store and turn to another tab as soon as they feel uncomfortable. The businesses often takes into account various factors that influence the conversion rate, but forgets to provide questions and answers on the product page. These are really significant for keeping a user well informed about a product.

Adding FAQs to your website or product pages is not difficult. You are only required to install an additional module. Among the effective and useful modules, the FME FAQ and Product Question Extension is the most suggested one, as it helps you in retaining and enhancing the conversion rate. This is a multi-functional module that enables a webmaster to create a general FAQ page as well as a separate page for each product. 

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