PrestaShop Bulk Print Shipping Label - Is it Possible in minutes?

Do you own a PrestaShop store where product’s orders are placed and shipped in bulk? The most time consuming task involved in it is printing labels in bulk. When you go for manual printing of orders, it may take an hour to print label on even 25 products.

To make the process simple and automatic, FMEModules has recently developed a Print Label PrestaShop Extension by the use of which label printing is no more headaches for you. Just you need to select the order and create a label through easy step. This label will be pasted on all the selected orders.

Top Features of Print Shipping Labels PrestaShop Module

Given below some top feature of this plug-in:

  • Created Labels Automatically

This plugin provides some simple options to print labels. After enabling/disabling those options, your delivery label will be ready. In other words, merchants are now able to prints labels in just some simple clicks.


From the list of all orders placed on a demo store, we will print a label for customer Jon Doe who is already registered on store. Enable/disable the options the printing options.

On clicking the generate button, you will see a print label including the address of receiver and other entities as you enabled/disable in the last step.

  • Label Printing is Quick

This module shows a “print label” on all orders pages which make it easy to print labels individually for all orders in case you want different labels for different orders.

  • Printing labels for Multiple Orders

You can select multiple orders to print the same label for all of them which will definitely save lot of your time.

  • Store Logo Printing

You can print your store logo using this print shipping labels PrestaShop plugin along with other details. Logo will be printed at the top of all printing labels.

  • Multiple Sizes for Labels

Different sized labels are allowed i.e. small and large sized labels. When you print small label, you have choice to print 3 portrait labels. In large size label, you can print only one big label.

  • Changing Order Status

You can change the order status of orders after printing the labels i.e. awaiting bank payment, cancelled, backorder etc.

  • Save Label option

You can save already created images in a PDF file that you can use in future for printing labels.


With the use of PrestaShop Print Labels Pro Module, now you have chance to save lot of your time and make your order process nearly automatic.