When and Why You Should Use 'Call for Price Module' in Your PrestaShop Store

Posted On: Oct 27, 2023

Categories: Marketing , Prestashop SEO

Let's talk about a cool tool for online shops called the Call For Price module in Prestashop.

Imagine your online store like a big digital mall. Now, some items don't show their prices right away—they wear the mysterious tag of Call For Price. It's not a mistake; it's a clever move.

Call For Price module is like a secret agent for pricing, adding a bit of mystery to your products.

See, in a time where everyone likes to know the price upfront, this module does the opposite. It's like a secret handshake, inviting shoppers to ask, "Hey, what's the deal with the price?"

So, why is this tool so important? Well, it's like good timing in a magic trick. When you're selling fancy or customizable stuff where the price isn't set in stone, the Call For Price trick comes into play.

It's a way of saying, "Let's talk about it." This strategy creates a special connection between the product and the shopper.

In a nutshell, the Call For Price module is like the intrigue in a good story. It adds a touch of excitement and makes shopping a bit more like an adventure.

Today we will discuss Call for Price module to know why and when to use this module in your Prestashop store.

Scenarios Where "Call For Price" Makes Sense

Let's dive into the fancy world of special stuff, where things aren't just regular but extra special. Imagine high-end products, the kind that feels like a VIP experience.

Now, enter the spotlight—the Call For Price module. It's like the red carpet for these exclusive items, keeping an aura of fancy around them.

But here's the twist—it's not just about sticking a price tag. Nope. Think about things you can customize, like adding your touch to make them just right.

With the Call For Price module, it's like having a chat about the cost because, well, it depends on what you choose.

Now, imagine this process. It's not a quick grab-and-go situation. It's more like a thoughtful pause, a moment to think about what you really want.

The Call For Price module turns this into a conversation, making the anticipation of getting something special even more exciting.

So, when you see that Call For Price module, it's not a roadblock; it's an invitation. It says, "Hey, let's talk about making this yours in a way that suits you best." It's like having a friendly guide in the world of exclusive and customizable goodies.

Strategic Use in Competitive Markets

Imagine it as your secret agent, especially when it comes to pricing strategies. This module is like a superhero cape, keeping your pricing plans safe from the chaos of price wars.

Now, instead of just throwing numbers around, this module is all about making things special. It's like telling a story about why a product is worth it, more than just a price tag.

But here's the fun part—it loves to play a little mystery game. By not showing the price right away, it makes customers curious.

They start asking questions like, "What's the cost?" and "What makes it so cool?" The Call For Price module turns every shopper into a detective on a mission to uncover the secrets of the product.

And guess what? It's not just about the product; it's about making it feel important. Picture a red carpet moment for your favorite item.

The Call For Price module turns buying into an experience, where the product isn't just something you grab; it's something you discover and feel excited about. Cool, right?

Introducing Call For Price module:

Meet the superstar of online selling—the Call For Price module. It's not just a tool; it's a bunch of cool tricks to make your online store stand out.


  1. Conceal Prices: Imagine adding a bit of mystery. This module lets you hide prices, making customers curious to explore.
  1. Custom Content Display: Forget the usual 'Add to Cart.' With this, you can showcase products with videos, images, and fancy text. It's like a visual treat.
  1. Text Messages on Product Pages: A friendly note appears, guiding your customers through the shopping journey. It's like having a personal assistant.
  1. Auto Hide Prices: Prices play peek-a-boo, disappearing to spark inquiries. Customers are now participants, not just shoppers.
  1. Easy Configurations: No complicated stuff. This module is user-friendly, making it easy for you to set things up just the way you like.
  1. Telephonic Inquiries: It's not just about hiding prices; it's about connecting. Customers can now call and chat, turning shopping into a conversation.
  1. Multi-Store and Multi-Language: This module is global. Use it in multiple stores and languages, reaching customers worldwide.
  1. Background and Text Color Options: Customize the look. Pick background and text colors that match your brand's vibe.
  1. Rule-Based Display: Be the boss. Decide when and how prices show up based on product, category, or customer group. It's your store, your rules.

The Call For Price module isn't just a tool; it's your store's best friend, making shopping an experience, not just a transaction.

Potential Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Let's talk about when customers get a bit worried about hidden prices, especially with the mysterious Call For Price module. We've got their concerns covered, and here's how:

Common Worries:

  • Uncertainty: Customers often feel unsure when prices are hidden. What's the solution? We make sure to tell them the story behind the numbers, making it more than just a guessing game.
  • Increased Inquiries: When more questions come pouring in, we've got a plan. We streamline the way we talk with customers, making sure each chat is smooth and meaningful.
  • Communication Magic: The Call For Price module isn't about keeping customers at a distance; it's a way to connect. We turn inquiries into friendly conversations, making sure it's not just about the product but the whole experience.
  • Automation with a Personal Touch: We have a digital helper, but it's not a robot. It's like a friend who understands what customers need. The Call For Price module isn't just about automatic replies; it's about keeping that personal connection.

So, worry not! With our approach, hidden prices become a cool way to start a conversation, not a reason to fret.


And that's a wrap! In the finale of our retail adventure, let's talk about the cool finale— the Call For Price module. It's not just a tool; think of it as the director of a play, creating a story for every buy.

As we close the curtain, this module isn't just hiding prices; it's starting a chat. It's like turning shoppers into players in the shopping game.

The Call For Price module isn't just a fancy term. It is the last touch in a fantastic show where everyone gets a personalized experience.

So, here's to the end, where transparency meets excitement, and every question becomes a part of the shopping song.