Why Request a Quote Module is important for your PrestaShop Store?

To ensure your PrestaShop store runs smoothly and keeps generating enough sales, you may need to consider applying different pricing strategies. Request for quote is also an effective strategy that may stop you from showing a standard price rather than make the customer ask for a cost estimate. It is useful for a number of business models and niches, where a merchant or a seller is unable to quote a flat price regardless of the varying needs and requirements the customers are coming over.

How Request for Quotes works in PrestaShop?

Request for quote is an alternative strategy of showing prices. It encourages the customers to ask the price of a particular product or service and negotiate for a better deal. In PrestaShop, such an option does not work by default. If you want to make it happen, you must install the PrestaShop Quote Module. It adds the functionality of allowing customers to ask for a quote. They can put products in ‘Add to Quote’ to get a cost estimate of all the items at once. They can create a bundle of catalog items to seek better discounts. It comes with additional features like:

  • 'Add to Quote' button on products
  • Customizable quotation form
  • Negotiate better deal in messages
  • Send and receive email

Why Request a Quote module significant for your PrestaShop Store?

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, standing out from the crowd and offering personalized services to customers is crucial. One effective way to achieve this is by integrating a "Request a Quote" module into your PrestaShop store. This article explores the importance of having such a module and how it can benefit your online business.

Caters to diverse customer needs

Achieving customer satisfaction with a uniform pricing strategy is never going to happen. Every customer comes with a different budget, requirements, and mindset to browse and find products worth shopping in your store. They may include quality conscious people, penny hoarders, bulk buyers, or deals and discounts chasers. By allowing them to request for a quote, they can submit their specific needs and get a cost estimate accordingly. By accommodating diverse customer requirements, you enhance customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of closing deals. The quote they get justifies the products or services they get. It removes their guilt after purchases as they are charged for what they asked. 

Increases customer engagement

Customers who get annoyed with the price tags often leave the store without reaching out to the customer support team. If your PrestaShop store is also experiencing a higher bounce rate and a declined conversion rate, you need to implement ‘request for quote’ as soon as possible. It will make your potential customers stop for a while, consider asking for an estimate, and convert if they agree to the price. Their engagement leads to better conversion and bounce rates. It brings better prospects in terms of search engine rankings and building long-term relationships with the customers.

Flexible pricing strategy

Being flexible in pricing will always promote a positive image of your PrestaShop store. Staying with a flat rate will portray a rigid image of a store. Let the customers allow requesting a quote and see if they can avail discounts, bundle deals, or subsidized prices. Customers will be more likely to reach out with detailed requirements to make the most out of their deals. You can take them to bulk buying, which in turn brings you more sales and revenue. A person who came for one item can end up with more in pursuit of availing the offer. It also allows you to test different price points and optimize your revenue.

Gathers market insights

Finding the minimum and maximum price a customer is willing to pay is difficult in the competitive markets of today. Most of the online store owners set products prices by comparing with the competitors. They come over with similar or a bit lower prices, which may work for the time being but not helpful in the long run. To know the affordability of your potential customers in the right way, allow them to ask for a cost estimate and see how they react. You will get to know the varying needs and expectations of the target audience so you will be able to devise a more effective pricing strategy. The information can guide your product development and marketing efforts, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition.

Attracts B2B customers

The B2B customers are often bulk buyers. They are different from the end-consumers that are why they think they deserve subsidized pricing and better deals. By enabling customers to ask for quotations, you can attract purchase managers and other focal persons from the business community. They like to approach other businesses, negotiate for a better price, and close with captivating deals. Their only concern is to save as much as possible in purchasing the stock. It significantly boosts B2B sales and opens up new revenue streams.

Avoids price wars

In a conventional market competition, store owners always keep an eye on the opponents. They reduce prices if the competitors subsidize it, similarly they offer discounts one after another. This leads to a never ending price war. If you display a set price, your competitors will take advantage of it. Hide it by offering customers to ask for a cost estimate in private and get a discount without letting others know. Conversions are made at a price that is neither known to competitors nor other store users. It remains confidential because the quotation is made in line with needs and requirements of that specific customer. It gives you more space to focus on the value you offer and build your brand reputation based on quality and service.


Integrating a "Request a Quote" module into your PrestaShop store is a strategic move that brings numerous benefits. By catering to diverse customer needs, encouraging engagement, and offering flexible pricing, you create a more customer-centric shopping experience.

Additionally, the module helps you gather valuable market insights and attract B2B customers, while also allowing you to avoid price wars and maintain profitability. Embrace this module to unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business and establish a stronger connection with your customers.