Product Quotation
Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

Product Quotation

  • Give instant Cost Estimate
  • PrestaShop
    1.5, 1.6, 1.7.x

PrestaShop Quote module allows customers to add products to quote so that you can calculate an estimate price from the requirements. It is useful in many cases such as when customers require bulk quantity of product with specific details. You can communicate with the customer through instant messaging, receive notifications for quotes, send discount vouchers through emails.

 - Add "Add to Quote" feature to any product
 - Enable customers make pack of multiple products and ask for bundle quote
 - Customize quotation form
 - Communicate with customer from backoffce
 - Send and receive email notifications

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Key Functionality of PrestaShop Quotation Module

Ask for a Quote Module for PrestaShop allows your customers to ask quote for product by clicking ‘Add to Quote’ button on the product page. The product is added to an Ajax based block so that customers can keep adding products to quote. You can customize the quotation form and add new fields with WYSIWYIG Editor to acquire more information.

PrestaShop request a quote module sends you notification emails each time a quote is asked by the customer and you can instantly reply through messaging. Email alerts are sent to the customer when a reply has been made by you. You can send discount vouchers through emails and add cart link in it. Customers can view their quote status from ‘My Account’ Section and edit any contact details on the quotation form.

Key Benefits 

Send Discount Vouchers
You can offer customers various discount vouchers through emails with cart links. This allows you to engage customers by providing them cut price offers on specific products to increase sales.

Personalize Quotation Form
You can personalize the quotation form. Additional fields can be created from the admin panel and edited through WYSIWYIG Editor. By acquiring more information you can provide a more suitable price quote on the basis on which the conversion rates will increase.

Tailored Pricing
You can quote the precise price of the required product or materials through tailored pricing. You can provide the detailed pricing structure of each and everything to convince the client and even offer advice for buying a better product from you.

Email Alerts
This feature ensures that you and the customer remains in contact after you have received the product quote. PrestaShop Quote module validates the quotation form and alerts you through notification emails. It allows you to keep the customers informed about the quote status, constantly feeding their curiosity.

What Your Customers will Like

Responsive Block

The product is added to an Ajax based block after the customer clicks on the ‘Add to Quote’ button. The block is placed on the top right side of the page and the customer can keep adding products without any reload or refreshing of the page. This button allows customer to conveniently add product to the quote and ensures a friction less cart process.

Comment Section

The customers can fill the quotation form and send their valuable details. The comment area in the form enables customers to send their specific details regarding product quote that allows merchants to devise a favorable price estimate and add the demands in the product.


Customers can instantly message the merchant if they need to make any changes in the quote, make a new query or simply want know the status or their quote. This feature promotes centralized messaging so there is no lag in the customer-merchant communication. Email alerts notify the customers each time a message has been sent.

My Account Section

This quotation module for PrestaShop creates ‘My Account’ section that allows customers to view messages, quotes, vouchers, order history and contact details. Customers can confirm their quote status and send or reply to any message sent by the merchant. The contact details such as phone, email address and home address can be edited as well.

Key Features of PrestaShop Quote module:

  • Customers can send product quotations to merchants
  • Elegant cart block to add quote products
  • Adds new ‘Add to Quote’ button on the product page
  • Customers can add quantity and combinations of products
  • Fast and frictionless Ajax based loading
  • Creates ‘Continue as Quotation’ button to add products as quotation collectively
  • Merchants can add new fields in the quotation form to acquire additional information
  • Merchants and the customers are notified with email alerts when the quote is sent
  • My Account’ page link is available on the email for customers to view their quote status
  • Merchant receives email alerts when the customer sends message
  • After the quotation is approved the customer receives email attached with cart link
  • Merchant can send discount vouchers to customers by attaching link in emails
  • Discounts calculator allows merchants to determine the final price of the product

Back Office

  • Link block shows ‘Product Quotation’ at the admin panel
  • You can change the status of the quotations from the Product Quote section
  • The status of the quote can be changed from the back end
  • The merchant can manage quotations, send messages, offer discount vouchers and add new fields in the quotation form with WYSIWYIG editor.
  • Merchants can view/send messages from Quotation Messages section
  • Merchants can configure the cart button title, product page button title, coupon expiry date and email preferences from the admin panel.

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Product Quotation

Product Quotation