Bulk Price Update
Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

Bulk Price Update

  • Improve catalog management
  • PrestaShop
    1.5, 1.6, 1.7.x

FME Bulk price update module allows you to add or subtract price from multiple products at once.  Easily update wholesale, retail and unit price.

  1. Update Wholesale, Retail & Unit Price of Products In Bulk
  2. Increase or Decrease Prices For Specific Products
  3. Mass Product Prices Update By Fix Amount or Percentage
  4. Markup / Markdown Prices for Special Events
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Perform bulk price update with just a click of your mouse. This FME plugin enables you to add or subtract price of multiple products at once. You can set price in flat or percentage.  The back office interface is extremely convenient; you can either select the entire category or pick random products to update mass price.  

This mass price changer module is extremely useful  for wholesalers and retailers, or the webstore where product prices are frequently updated e.g. tarrifs, taxes, applying markup on cost etc. This module is also helpful in applying discounts on multiple  products at once. You do not need to manually change the price of products.

Key features of PrestaShop Mass Price Update Module

  • Update price of multiple products at once,
  • Select multiple categories to update prices at once
  • Update wholesale, retail and unit price
  • Add or subtract values in percentage or flat price
  • Easy to use back office interface
  • Must have plugin for wholesalers/retailers, or wherever mass price update is needed
  • Multi-store

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Bulk Price Update

Bulk Price Update