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Prestashop Keyword Generator Advance

  • best module Auto Generate Keywords
  • version PrestaShop
    v1.7.x - v8.x

PrestaShop Keyword Generator Advance allows you to automatically generate meta keywords for the whole shop with just one click. Option to generate keywords for products, categories, or CMS pages separately.

No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Meta Keywords Tag is an HTML tag that can be used to give information about the site page to the search engines. It's a very cumbersome task to manually add keywords for each page especially if your site has hundreds of pages. Keyword Generator Advance helps you to cater to this problem as it allows you to set meta keywords for all of your site pages in less than 2 minutes.

Keyword Generator Advanced is based on an algorithm that automatically picks the words from the content of the site page and then adds them to the meta tags. This makes sure each page has unique keywords that are based on that specific page.

Admin can generate meta keywords just for products or categories or CMS pages all independent of each other. There are multiple options to select the structure of keywords such as minimum length and number of times the word is repeated in the content.

Features offered by Prestashop Keyword Generator Advance

  • Option to generate keywords for the product, category, or CMS pages
  • Option to set the length of single-word keywords
  • Option to set the length of double-word keywords
  • Option to set the length repetition of three-word keywords
  • Keyword selection based on the times words are repeated
  • Option to include words based on the times they are repeated in the content

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