Prestashop PC Builder Advance | Let Users Custom Build PC Module

Prestashop PC Builder Advance | Let Users Custom Build PC Module

  • Custom Build Your PC
  • PrestaShop
    1.7.x - 1.7.8.x

Prestashop PC Builder Advance gives you the option to let your customers build custom PCs on their own by selecting appropriate components from the list. 

  1. Flexible and customizable design
  2. Admin can make any part mandatory
  3. Add whole categories as a components by single click

If you are selling computer components on your online shop then Prestashop PC Builder Advance is a must-have module for you. You can allow your customers to custom-build their PCs by selecting different parts. There are multiple customization options that you can offer to your customers with respect to the parts.

Multiple layout options to display PC Builder on the front end. Show pc parts in an accordion or as a multistep process. Offer pc parts selection as Radio button, Thumbnails, or in a dropdown list. Admin can also make any component mandatory. Cart page shows built PC with all the components that the user has selected.

PC Builder is a separate product in the backend, admin adds components from the list of products he/she has available in the shop, then these components become available to the PC builder tab. Admin can create multiple PC Builder products such that one for Gaming having gaming-related parts, one for Video Editing that has parts usually used for editing purposes. From the backend, admins can select what products are offered with a build. Instead of searching a product manually, the admin can also select the whole category for a component. There is a separate stock management option for the PC Builder module where admins can select how stock changes are reflected. Admin can choose to decrease only Builder Product quantity or only items quantity. There is also an option to decrease both.

Features offered by Prestashop PC Builder Advance Module

  • Allow users to custom build their own pc
  • Accordion, Simple, and Steps type layout option
  • Radio button, thumbnails, or dropdown list options for part selection
  • Option to make a part mandatory
  • Show thumbnails in the list or grid view
  • Add components by searching products in backend
  • Option to add products by name, by category, or by tags
  • Option to limit component for users to max or min quantity
  • PC Builder is a separate product in the backend
  • Give each build a separate friendly URL
  • Option to set the base price for the build
  • Option to add tax rules
  • SEO options to each build
  • Admin can also set shipping options separately for each build
  • Stock management allows admin to select how products are decreased from stock

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