Prestashop Product Comments with Images

Prestashop Product Comments with Images

  • Add Comments and Ratings to Products
  • PrestaShop - 1.7.8.x

Prestashop Product Comments with Images Module allows your visitors to add a comment on the product page that can include image and star ratings. Users can sort comments by featured, having images, based on rating. Admin can also respond to comments.

Prestashop Product Comments with Images Module is the latest addition to the FME Modules cataloge. It is a full-fledged product comment management system. Users can add their reviews in comment format on any product right on the product page. All these comments are then visible to new users letting them know how people have reviewed this particular product. Admin can also feature comments of his/ her choice, those will be visible on top.

There are multiple sorting options that visitors can use to see comments. They can sort comments according to star rating such that they can select three stars and only three-star comments will be shown. They can also select to see only those comments that have images in them and also can see only featured comments.

There is an option to put approval on new comments, only those comments will be visible on the front end that is approved. Admin can respond to each comment. While responding you can edit comment details, you can also change ratings as well as the content of the comment.

Another important feature is that admins from the backend can create a new comment all by themselves. You can select a product by searching for it and then proceed to add comments details same as a user would do all from the backend. Admin can enable multiple email notifications for example notifications to users when their comment is approved/ rejected or responded to.

Features offered by Prestashop Product Comments with Images Module

  • Allow users to add comments on the product page
  • Option to include an image with comment
  • Star rating option
  • Option to show star ratings on product listing or homepage
  • Users can sort comments by images, star rating, and featured
  • Option for admin to make comments featured
  • All comments need approval by admin to become visible
  • Admin can respond to comments
  • Admin can also edit comments added by a user
  • Option to add a new comment as a user from the backend
  • Admin can select sorting of comments from backend by ID ascending/descending or the date
  • Enable disable email notifications for a new comment to admin, comment approval, rejection and responded to the users
  • Admin can select number of comments shown on product page

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