Prestashop Select Customer Group at Registration Module

Prestashop Select Customer Group at Registration Module

  • Customer Groups at Registration
  • PrestaShop - 1.7.8

Prestashop Select Customer Group at Registration gives your customers the ability to select the User Group to which they want to be included at the time of registration. There is also an option to set the manual validation for the new registrations.

  1. Customer Group selection on the registration form
  2. Option to select customer groups that are available for selection to users
  3. Set validations for new registrations

By default, user can not select their customer group in Prestashop. This is problematic for users as well as for merchants as they have to manually add new users to specific groups. If you have a big store with hundreds of new registrations daily it will become a very cumbersome task. Prestashop Select Customer Group at Registration is developed to cater to this issue. 

While a new user is getting registered for a new account there will be a drop-down menu on the registration form, from where he/she can select the desired user group. From the backend admin can select the user groups to be shown on the registration form. Admin can also set the default user groups for new customers, enabling that will include all new users to the selected group. 

The user validation option is also included in the module that will allow the admin to manually approve new registrations. Users will only be able to use his/her account after being approved by the admin.


  • Let customers choose user group at the time of registration
  • Option to specify the user groups from the backend that are available for the customers
  • Set validation on new registrations.
  • If validation is enabled then new accounts will only be activated after admin approval
  • Option to set the default user groups

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