What’s the Best Pick between Prestashop & WooCommerce in 2022 - Side by Side Analysis!

Posted On: Oct 6, 2022

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A person having interest in eCommerce, clearly knows that there isn’t any clear winner between WooCommerce & Prestashop when it comes to comparison. Both have strengths and weaknesses of their own. In this roadblock argument, we are going to discuss which platform is best, Prestashop or WooCommerce in 2022, that will suit well to your needs. Certainly, there isn’t any clear winner between WooCommerce & Prestashop when you do a head-to-head comparison. Both have strengths and weaknesses of their own.

But there’s a thing to consider before you choose which one is the ultimate pick for your online business. It all depends on the nature of your business and technical requirements.

And when it comes to technical solutions and the nature of your eCommerce store, there’s a lot to discuss.

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In this roadblock argument, we are going to discuss which platform is best, Prestashop or WooCommerce in 2022, that will suit well to your needs.

Overview: WooCommerce Vs Prestashop!

Before we dig deeper, a quick overview would be fine to know the background of these two giant platforms that emerged and evolved.


Released first in 2007, the content management system –Prestashop has gone up through the ladders of highly reputed & dependable platforms for eCommerce businesses.

Though you can choose Prestashop for any other requirement it’s an ultimate choice for eCommerce business.

It’s where WooCommerce acts on a distinct edge, as it provides flexibility put forward by WordPress.


You can judge the reputation of a platform from the number of its happy users.

And certainly, at the very right moment, I am telling you, WooCommerce powers 28 percent of eCommerce businesses. Launched back in 2011, the free-to-use platform has made its reputation as the ultimate solution for both small and large business websites.

Powered by WordPress, It’s an eCommerce plugin that allows you to set up an eCommerce store for your business. And more interestingly, some of the best brands in the world have chosen and liked WooCommerce as a platform to run their business.

The best thing about WooCommerce is it never stops improvement, as its’ a free and open source platform, and developers globally continuously contribute to making it better every day.

Eventually, you see a long list of incredible features and benefits it offers website developers and business owners to run a smooth online business.

You can nearly expect everything from this top-notch eCommerce builder.

Who is the Best Trend Setter? WooCommerce Vs Prestashop!

No doubt, you can expect a lot to explore when you see WooCommerce Vs Prestashop. Prestashop is older than WooCommerce and has stayed an ultimate solution for business owners. However, WooCommerce on the other hand is new but still clashes horns in nearly everything to win the title of Best eCommerce Platform.

As Google Trends reveals the higher number of searches evolving for WooCommerce make it one of the fast-growing platform out there.

However, you can’t judge a platform entirely by search factors. You can play around with both platforms and see which one provides more options and flexibility.

Besides, you can use extensions on both platforms to that expand the horizon of capabilities and possibilities of customization. It’s something a developer will tell you more in detail with in-depth insights.

Feature-wise Comparison: WooCommerce Vs Prestashop!

To run smooth operations, both platforms offer a set of features for business owners. The dev team, on the top, provides features to present its product as unique from its competition. It improves user experience plus adds value to operations.

We have thoroughly analyzed both platforms on several ends to provide you with the right idea to choose an eCommerce platform. 

Content Management:

If you want to consider content management on both platforms, I am pretty sure that WooCommerce has the lead. Because it provides an underlying WordPress layer that offers an extraordinary content management system.

On the other hand, when it comes to CMS to create pages and put information, Prestashop provides limited options.

WordPress offers Classic and Gutenberg editors where you can create and customize fields and pages.

WooCommerce is an incredible option in CMS since you need to manage a lot of information and pages on your eCommerce store.

Product Management:

When it comes to managing products on an eCommerce store, both WooCommerce & Prestashop provide an easy-to-use interface to manage your images and text.

You can even upload it from an excel sheet if the data is huge. You can change the product description and related data easily on both platforms.

But here, we can say that Prestashop is solely built for eCommerce stores and thus it facilitates product management. However, WordPress uses a post format to manage product data as a post.

Stock Management:

You can use both platforms to keep strict control over your inventory. You can have a clear idea about the products on the storefront and inventory in many cases.

However, you can disable this feature because sometimes you can stimulate infinite stock if you don’t have stock issues.

Prestashop in this case provides an advanced stock control feature to manage your inventory where you can define and manage multiple stores. It notifies you about the stocks and informs you about the popular product among your customers.

WooCommerce also provides extra information with free and paid extensions to go beyond simple stock management options.


Customization is a big hit when it comes to running your eCommerce online business. You have more than 55,000 plugins and a huge number of free extensions in the WordPress plugin repository. However many plugins have a paid version to provide extra features.

You can’t use the entire WordPress repository for WooCommerce but assist in getting an idea of options at your disposal.

Not only plugins, but WordPress also have more than 1,200 themes in the official WordPress repository. Many developers sell WordPress themes on selling platforms like Theme Forest.

Prestashop on the other hand has thousands in number add-ons and modules to increase your store functionalities.

Similarly, the Prestashop marketplace offers 4,000+ templates to make your store where only a few of them are free.

You pay from 80-100 Euros when considering the Prestashop template with excellent support in the module section. You can start from 30 Euros to comply with the cookie law.

Search Engine Optimization:

You can get traction and increase the reach of your brand with SEO. There are hundreds of plugins available on WordPress to help WooCommerce Stores with on-page optimization to increase organic positioning.

There are a few focused modules on Prestashop that are focused on SEO, and most of them are paid. Of course, the products and categories on Prestashop are already optimized.

However, if you are going for a static Prestashop page, it won’t help that much in SEO efforts as it has some limitations.

Selling Products:

Both WooCommerce & Prestashop have a tie on this point once again. As, you can use both to create product groupings and combinations (i-e variants, sizes, and colors).

You can use both of them to sell virtual products through redeemable codes and downloads. This functionality is best for businesses like renting hotels or buying tickets for events, etc.

Pricing Plans:

Many users consider pricing as the most important question. Both platforms are similar purely at the e-commerce level. But the real question is; how much do both?

Let’s explore this part of the discussion.

The latest version of both platforms is free. Therefore, the decision shouldn’t affect the budget if you hire a developer to build the site.

On the other hand, I believe that you should pick the right hosting provider that delivers better security, performance, and support.

However, when it comes to extra functionality which for sure you will need later, there’s a difference in expense.

If you go for Prestashop, very few of the modules are free to use and you’ll have to pay for most of the modules but in the long run, you will have more bang for your buck. As modules are very stable and support is very reliable. 

WooCommerce offers plenty of free modules and relatively their prices are also lower as compared to Prestashop but most of the time the modules that are available are of basic functionality. For any advanced functions, you need to hire a developer which can easily become a very expensive prospect 
If your budget is fixed then WooCommerce is good to go but if you can spare a bit of extra money for outstanding functionalities then Prestashop should be your choice. 

The Final Thoughts!

Let’s sum up the whole story now.

We have now touched the end of the analysis and it is time to draw a clear line between Prestashop and WooCommerce.

Keep in mind; both platforms are without any doubt excellent for eCommerce businesses.

But choosing the best option will depend on your particular requirement. 

If you are looking for a small online shop with a very easy-to-manage interface then WooCommerce is your best bet.  
On the other hand, if you want to have a store of small to medium size with a focus only on selling your product or services then Prestashop is the way to go. 

Because most people aren't aware of the capabilities possessed by Prestashop such as product management, store management, SEO, CHeckout, shipping, payments, marketing, localization, security, and analytics.

So, if you are already using it, it is worth putting your trust in Prestashop.