Best Selling Magento Extensions 2018

Why Magento? This is a question a lot of people are asking on the internet everywhere that why Magento is widely recommended and what makes Magento so unique.  The answer to this question is obviously long; however, the open source nature, simple and easy to use features and above all, the incredible flexibility and customization ability are the primer reasons why Magento is considered to the best ecommerce web development platform particularly for enterprise level.

There are literally tons and tons of extensions developed by third parties to help Magento store owners customize their store features as per needs and add a good amount of juice to their website. In this article, we are highlighting the top-selling Magento extensions of 2018 along with their features to help you understand why they are so popular and considered to be the first choice of entrepreneurs.

Magento Refer a Friend 

They say “the best marketing source is a satisfied customer”. Magento Refer a Friend is a unique extension that helps you to market your products through your customers by offering them rewards for inviting their friend to your store. This way, your customers will be turned into affiliates and will not only bring new customers but they can also invite new affiliates.

Here are some more features

  •        Reward customers on bringing new signups or on the number of items purchased or order amount
  •        You can also generate unique referral link for each customer
  •        Set referral commission in Fix or percentage value
  •        Create multiple discount rules and assign to specific customers
  •        Referral Sales Statistics for Admin 

Magento Language Switcher 

FME Magento GeoIP Language & Currency switcher extension allows store owners to automatically change the store language and currency based on the visitors' location. This Magento currency switcher extension automatically detects the user's location to accurately change currency and language of the store and provide customers with a better experience.

Here are some great features

  •        Automatically switch language and currency of the store as per visitor’s location.
  •        Recognizes visitor’s location to change language and currency correctly
  •        Import new or use the existing Maxmind database to recognize user location 

Magento Ajax Add to Cart 

Today, customers want more control over the buying process. Magento Ajax Add to Cart extension by FME is designed to empower your customers by providing them an opportunity to add products to cart without reloading the page.

Here are some highlighting features.

  •        Show product options on category pages
  •        Ajax powered Add to Cart   
  •        Add a custom image and text to Ajax loading
  •        Animate product addition as fly to cart 

Magento Customer Attributes 

In any online business, information is everything. Magento Customer attributes and registration field extension empowers merchants to add custom fields on the registration page to collect extra information from their customers.

Key Features  

  •        Add unlimited extra custom fields to user registration form
  •        Allow the users to upload image or file
  •        11 different field types to let you add an option you need
  •        Configuration settings for sorting and validating fields 

Magento Store Switcher 

Personalization and localization is key to success in e-commerce. Magento GeoIP store switcher extension automatically detects visitor’s location and redirects them to regionally optimized storefronts. Moreover, the regionally optimized store can have region-specific language, currency, and targeted local products. 

Magento Shop by Brand 

There are people who buy their products from a particular brand and don’t go anywhere. Magento Shop by brand extension developed for such customers to facilitate them shop by specific brand, manufacturer, supplier etc.

Merchants can display the prominent brands in the featured block, enable search, and configure alphabetical listings for a quick brand search.

Key Features:

  •        Create a separate page for each brand, supplier/manufacturer
  •        Attach products to each brand for enriched categorization
  •        Allow customers to search and shop by brand
  •        Alphabetical listings to find brands by characters i.e. A, B 

Magento Product Video 

Magento Product Video extension enables you to add videos to your eCommerce store. You can create video galleries and add them to specific product pages. This extension supports multiple types of formats like FLV, Mpeg, MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF & SWF. You can also embed YouTube & Vimeo videos. Product Videos Magento extension is good for adding video tutorials, reviews, testimonial or marketing video to your online store.

Key Features:

  •        Attach multiple videos on product pages
  •        Upload & embed videos from YouTube & Vimeo
  •        Create videos gallery
  •        Customize thumbnail images
  •        Fully responsive
  •        Supports multi-store views 

Magento Professional Banners 

Magento banner slider extension enables you to add promotional banners on home, category and CMS pages in your e-store. Add text, links, and customize banners width, height, order, speed and slider type. This extension is equipped with lots of banner customization options like slider type, auto play, delay time, slide transition, slide transition period, slide random order, banner width, banner height, show banner content & show banner title.

Key Features

  •        Add banners on home, category & CMS pages
  •        Customize banners width, height & order
  •        Set slider type, auto play & delay time
  •        Select slider transition type & transition speed 

Magento Help Desk & Support 

Magento helpdesk extension enables your customers to post support tickets regarding your products & services through an easy ticketing system. You can create different departments, configure different auto-responds templates and change tickets priorities.

Key Features:

  •        Advance tickets management system for Magento
  •        Manage ticket status, replies & priorities
  •        Create multiple departments & view ticket stats
  •        Draft multiple email templates & premade replies
  •        Send auto-replies, ticket alerts & notifications emails 

Magento Restrict by Customer Groups 

Magento Restrict by customer groups extension enables you to restrict your store content by customer groups. You can create multiple customer groups like logged in, general, retailers, merchants, etc. and restrict access to products, categories & CMS pages. Redirect the customers to alternative pages.

Key Features:

  •        Restrict your store content by customer groups
  •        Restrict static blocks, product & categories, CMS & other pages
  •        Add multiple basic & manual redirection rules 

Magento GeoIP Ultimate Lock 

Magento GeoIP Ultimate Lock extension by FME empowers you to restrict unwanted traffic to products, categories, CMS pages or your entire store.  With this Magento block IP address extension, you can restrict access from a specific country, region or IP address. Using the IP Exceptions list, you can grant access to specific IP addresses from the blocked region.

Key Features:

  •        Restrict visitors access - region, country & IP
  •        Restrict entire store or specific products/CMS
  •        Track real-time visitors IPs & block them
  •        Show custom message or redirect to URL
  •        Uses Maxmind GeoIP database 

Magento Price Match 

Magento price match extension by FME allows your customers to report a lower price on your product and get a discount. You can add a “Found a Lower Price? Tell Us!” button on your product page so that customers can notify you regarding a lower price. You can handle such queries easily and offer a lower price to convert the visitors into customers.

Key Features:

  •        Customers can report competitor pricing on your products
  •        Users can ask for a custom quote
  •        Ajax based ‘Get a Quote’ form
  •        Customize ‘Get a Quote’ button
  •        Manage tell a price reports