6 Steps to Picking the Right Shopping Cart System

Posted On: Sep 14, 2018

Categories: Shopping Carts & Platforms

A good quality user experience is the primary concern of all the customers and a good shopping cart is considered to add to this experience. There are number of ecommerce shopping cart software out there and confusion always exist when it comes to choosing one for your web store. There are hundreds of features to consider prior to choosing one for your online store. However few essential attributes are highlighted below:

Technical Ability

One should check out the technical abilities of a particular ecommerce platform. Important factors should be sought like how easy it is to customize and get add on modules in it. One should not use readily available free shopping cart software as needs to scramble with it so much that one can totally ignore the business that basically seeks customer attention. Most of these software are supported by a remote server thus they offer very less options for customization.

Online stores should equip their websites with ecommerce platforms that come with great amount of technical benefits. For instance, with development in the business one would need to make up gradations. This can be done with the help of custom shopping cart software. Once it is installed on a server it can be easily modified with different features, based on business’s needs.

On the other hand, commercial packages for ecommerce shopping cart software should also be considered. Although they seem very expensive but they are worthwhile if 24 hours customer service, technical assistance and an array of desired features is already installed in the software.

Features and Functionality – Shopping Cart System

One should be very vigilant about the features and functionality when deciding to install one on a website. It should display features through which convenience can be provided to customers in selection of products and checkout process. Important features are product lists, products automatically stored in cart, shipping options, tax calculation, quick checkout page etc.

User Friendly

User friendly carts should be a primary concern for online stores as customers’ shopping experience plays a pivotal role in the success of e-commerce. A website with shopping cart that is complex to use frustrates customers and is likely to cause cart abandonment. In order to avoid customers abandoning the cart, it should be made quick and easy to use. Affective Call to Action Buttons should be used to provide convenience to the customers. In addition to that, quick shopping carts can be designed in order to ensure successful completion of checkout process.

Search Engine Optimization Capability

SEO is a great need of technology, today. Online merchants should go for shopping cart software that can be optimized for search engines and become a great source of steering customers to their web stores.

Regular Updates are Available

Regular updates are important to make the users aware about latest facilities and upcoming version upgrades. Equipped with latest facilities, regularly upgraded web shopping carts can add to company’s sales.

Strong Brand Name

It should be made certain that the ecommerce shopping cart software, an online store has decided to use, comes from stable company. The software should bear a reliable brand name. This ensures that the product is genuine and one can get ecommerce solutions from the company’s technical support team, whenever required.

Analytics and Sales Reporting

Lastly, a good cart system must have built-in sales reporting and analytics capabilities. The latter can be achieved by integrating Google Analytics. Such a cart system can enable you to track product sales down to a significant level of detail.