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Integrate an attractive block on your store homepage to display product tabs of your website. Home Tabs Module from FMM allows you to assign specific product tabs such as Bestsellers, Sales, New and Recommended etc. right in front of the customer to show preference on specific products.

  1. Add user friendly block of tabs on the home page
  2. Auto generated data for the default tabs on home page
  3. Create custom tabs for higher product exposure
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Area of Function

A stylish block will appear after you have installed the extension. The admin can add tabs from the back end where custom tabs can also be added. The title and labels of the tabs can be personalized and the maximum number of products to be shown in the tabs can be configured.

How it helps the Merchant

It basically amplifies the sales of the merchant within a short span of time. The block acts as a top shelf of products that are most popular and hot in the store. This captures the curiosity of the buyer and lures them into purchasing it. It is an excellent tool for magnetizing the customer on the products you have recommended for them.

Assign Product Tabs

  • You can put product tab of those items on sale to captivate customers into taking advantage of discounts.
  • You can select the most top selling products and insert a product tab in the block since customers are always inquisitive about what other customers are buying.
  • You can design a product tab of new arrivals especially on occasions. Customers cannot resist at least looking into the new products available on any store.
  • You can introduce a product tab of recommended products that you have personally selected given the cost effective and feature rich values in the merchandise.


Home tabs for PrestaShop helps reduce decision time of customers by presenting the most looked out products right before them. It facilitates faster purchase rather than searching for the product opening product page separately.

Most importantly, Home Tabs greatly improves the browsing experience of the customer. Most customers often get tired of searching and leave the store with the broken will of buying. This extension provides easy means of browsing through product tabs without entering any search string of the product.


  • Adds Block with assigned product tabs on home page
  • Customize labels and heading of product tabs
  • Add custom tabs
  • Automatically generated data on products in home tabs
  • Multi store

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  • Its Worth Having

    This is great for my business, instead of sticking my products through coding I can display them under tabs and can display more products.

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Home Tabs

Home Tabs