FAQs + Product Questions
Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

FAQs + Product Questions

  • Allow customers to ask
  • PrestaShop
    1.5, 1.6, 1.7.x

PrestaShop FAQ and Product Questions allows you to place most common questions related to any product answered right on that product page instead of a separate FAQ page. Many advance features such as ratings, FAQ search, commenting and threaded views are included. Checkout the demo and see how easy it is to convince your visitors to become your customers.

  1. Display Product FAQs Exactly On Product Pages
  2. Create a Separate FAQs Page With Categories
  3. Let Customers “Ask A Question” Directly From Product Pages
  4. Show FAQs in Accordion Style With Reply, Rating, Like/Unlike Options
  5. Adds FAQs Block On Left Column To Show FAQ Topics & Search Bar
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By using PrestaShop FAQ module you are clearing the confusions and your website visitors most common queries right on product page which makes them satisfied and pushes them to click “Buy Now”. It eliminates the need to contact store owner for those types of queries. The result is positive because when you are convincing customers right on spot there are more chances for conversions. Beyond this obvious reason for choosing PrestaShop FAQ and Product Questions Module, there is a treasure of features incorporated into this FAQ plugin.

Rating and Review feature in PrestaShop Ask a question Addon will not only be appealing but it can be set to show up in search result snippets giving more exposure to website. Instead of having a separate page for FAQ, you are giving customers more value with this plug by providing relevant FAQ on product pages. The more value the customer gets, more chances are that they will come back and shop again. This is what Product Question PrestaShop Extension has been developed for.

Explore the following features incorporated in this extension;

  • Questions and answers are available in accordion style
  • Customers can ask questions right on product page in a form that can be opened in a popup or in a sliding manner according to the configuration. They do not have to visit contact us page which brings more comfort for them.
  • Configurable Title and Meta information
  • Replies/comments from customers are arranged in threaded view
  • Rating, Like/Unlike and comments are all available
  • FAQ block is configurable and can be placed anywhere on website.
  • Advance administration features provided such as limiting number of questions, sorting, enabling/disabling accordion, like/unlike, rating, comments etc.
  • FAQ search feature included in the package
  • Configure access to all of these features based on user groups
  • Newly submitted questions are submitted to admin automatically
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Multi store

 Visit demo to check out how easy it is to manage your product FAQs or contact us if you have any questions.

Reviews & Ratings (3)

  • it has reduced my work

    I have made supplier responsible for replying customer queries ;-)

  • review faq

    I was using another free extension but got hit by spam, good work with the captcha

  • Reduced overhead

    That module has reduced some common customer queries. Great module and my customer are happy to see that FAQ section for every product page.

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FAQs + Product Questions

FAQs + Product Questions