Como adicionar formulário de contato de produto no PrestaShop?

Posted On: Sep 17, 2018

Categories: Otimização de conversão

Contact forms are considered a must-have section on websites so that the targeted audience can get connected without any hurdle. Normally, these kinds of forms are made available to encourage visitors, bloggers, suppliers and advertisers to ask about the products and services you offer, whereas to increase conversion rate, such forms are placed on the product pages as well.

The visitors, who are interested in buying a product but are a little bit confused about the features or terms & conditions, can ask through the request form. To have this functionality in your PrestaShop store, you need to install FME PrestaShop contact form module. Following is a detailed tutorial for facilitating your customers to reach you without remembering the product name or a reference code.

Step 1: After installation of the contact form PrestaShop module, you can start using the module by logging into the admin panel and navigating to the Product Contact tab.

Step 2: Click the option ‘Manage Requests’ to view a list of comments or queries submitted by customers. All the requests made by potential customers appear in a list.

Step 3: Click on each listing to view what each visitor is asking for. Furthermore, you can edit each request, write a detailed reply or simply delete it from the list if it is irrelevant.

Step 4: You get an email notification when a customer shows interests by asking a question on the product page. In the same manner, customers are also notified when you send a reply to their request.

Step 5: You can configure rest of the settings by navigating to the Modules section and clicking on the Configure option.

Step 6: In the configuration, you can customize the button text, add an email, and select products and categories for contact requests.

You can add Google captcha site key as generated by Google for verifying a user as a human being, and preventing robots from spamming your website.

Step 7: The option to quickly contact you about products appears right on the product page, beneath the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Step 8: By clicking the option “Ask About This Product”, customer can fill an easy form

Step 9: Customers are notified for successfully submitting a query with a soft popup window.

The contact form and enquiry module for PrestaShop simplifies the process of interacting with customers with the useful tool of a contact form that is added to different products and categories. It removes customers' efforts of giving references to the products while initiating a thread in their emails. This helps you reassure a potential customer by acknowledging their contact requests and sending a friendly and detailed reply.