Advanced SEO Optimizer

Advanced SEO Optimizer

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  • PrestaShop
    v1.6.x - v1.7.6.4

Boost your online presence in the fastest and the most automated means possible with PrestaShop SEO Module that automatically configures keywords, meta titles and meta descriptions of CMS, categories and products pages.

  1. Automatically Creates Meta Title, Description & Keywords for each page
  2. Display Search Bar & Social Accounts in Google Search Results
  3. Generate SEO Optimized Sitemap & Robots.Txt
  4. Create & Manage 301, 302, 303 URL Redirections
  5. Multi-Store & Multi-Lingual

Overview of Best Prestashop SEO Module

This PrestaShop SEO Manager helps you to stay ahead of competition by optimizing your website as per the search engine standards.  You can optimize on-page SEO components of your website such as keywords, current Meta title and Meta descriptions manually or automatically. If you set it to Auto, then default Meta values will be ignored.

This SEO booster comes with extra tools and features such as schema tags for showing search box in Google, URL redirects options, Robots.txt generator, Robots.txt editor, sitemap, and more.

How Does it Generates Meta Title:

Meta title can be auto-generated using these methods,

For Products 

“product name” – “product category” – “shop title”

For Category

"categoryname" - "parentcategory" - "shoptitle"

For CMS Pages

“Page title” – “Shop Title”

Key Features of PrestaShop SEO Plugin

  • Easily configure Meta title, keywords and descriptions of all store pages
  • You can set the least length of single words, 2, 3, 5 words phrases along with their occurrences for picking the right keywords for creating Meta keywords tags
  • Amplifies sales revenue by attracting traffic to your website
  • Website owners can add social profiles and show them in Google Search Results
  • Create Robots.txt with the option of edit Robots.txt
  • Generate sitemaps and set a cron job to automatically update it in future
  • With URL redirects option add 301, 302 & 303 redirects
  • Business owners can add Google search box to their websites
  • Option to update Metas with cron job
  • Elegant design at back-office
  • Configuration of meta details like title, descriptions and keywords at once
  • Meta information from a single page
  • Creates Meta title for Product and category pages like “product name”, “product category”, “shop title”
  • Produces Meta title for CMS pages like “Page title” – “Shop Title”
  • You can set word limit for better selection of keywords
  • Increases CTR and SERP rankings
  • Expedite Sales figures by attracting more users to your store
  • Web admins can incorporate Google site name and social profiles
  • Store managers can also generate Robots.txt
  • With the help of multiple languages, you can create sitemaps
  • Auto generates sitemaps for future by setting a CRON job
  • Unlimited options to set URL redirections
  • Generate Meta automatically or do it manually
  • Enable Google Search box to allow users easily find products within a store
  • Quick and simplified creation of sitemap
  • CRON job can be configured for meta creation
  • Easy to use back-end
  • Enhanced multi-byte creation 
  • External links rel attribute follow/nofollow option added
  • External links target attribute add/edit option added
  • External links extra rel values can be added like external,noreferrer,noopener
  • Exclude any specific domains from external links filter added
  • Internal linking functionality added
  • Keywords generator now supports 5 more languages ES,FR,DE,NL,IT
  • Multi-Language Meta titles and description for Categories
  • Multi-Language Meta titles and description for CMS Pages
  • Multi-Language Meta titles and description for Products

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