Restrict by Customer Groups - Products, Category & CMS

Restrict by Customer Groups - Products, Category & CMS

  • Restrict Customer Groups
  • PrestaShop
    v1.6.x - v1.7.7.x

Restrict by Customers Group allows admin to restrict access to products, categories and CMS pages based on user groups. Admin can effectively create a private area for each user group where they will only see pages, products associated with their group only.

  1. Restrict access to Products, Categories and CMS pages
  2. Restriction based on User groups
  3. Set the start and end date for restriction
  4. Very flexible design

Key Functionality of Prestashop Restrict By Customer Group Module

Restrict by Customer group is a powerful yet simple to use the module. IT gives you the flexibility to create private sections of your website having separate CMS pages and Products. You can allow access to your wholesale customers just wholesale products, restricting access to normal customers. This can enhance B2B businesses.

Create exclusive CMS and Products for your VIP customers. This section will not be accessible to other members.

Restricted members will be shown a customized message. There is also an option to redirect restricted members to a different URL i.e a registration page for VIP customers.

Key Features of PrestaShop Custom Fields Module:

  • Restriction according to customer groups
  • Create multiple rules to manage visibility for different customer groups
  • Restrict specific products, categories and CMS pages
  • Option to display customized error messages to restricted customers
  • Option to redirect restricted members to different URL
  • Option to schedule restrictions using start and end date
  • HTML Editor for messages
  • Option added to hide products from catalog

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