Product Testimonials | Customer Reviews and Store Testimonials

Product Testimonials

Product Testimonials | Customer Reviews and Store Testimonials

  • Enhance store reliability
  • PrestaShop
    v1.6.x - v1.7.8.x

Prestashop Product Testimonials is “2 in 1” extension that lets your customers post testimonials about anything on your website, whether it is about the website, your services, or any specific product. They can also rate other testimonials which you can include in your search engine result pages.

  1. Customers reviews are displayed on product pages
  2. All the product testimonials are also shown on a dedicated page
  3. Admin can sort the reviews to make it more presentable
  4. Customers can rate reviews to increase credibility

Overview of Prestashop Product Testimonials Module

Product Testimonials Module allows your customer to give their reviews for the specific page or for the whole website which are displayed on a separate page. Users can also rate other reviews.

Key Features of Prestashop Product Testimonials Module

  • Add/Manage testimonials on product pages and the whole website
  • For product testimonials, you can configure title, moderation, ratings and sorting features
  • Testimonials are shown with images, you can enable/disable this feature
  • Testimonials sorting feature is provided
  • Testimonials description can be set to a certain limit along with a ‘Read More’ link
  • Limit the number of testimonials on product and landing page
  • A smart “Add Testimonials” form is included which can be set to open up in a sliding manner or in a popup.  Button label is customizable
  • Up to 4 custom fields can be added to “Add Testimonials” form
  • Set admin approval if required or not for new testimonials submitted by users
  • Show/hide “Add Testimonials” form fields
  • Apply moderation from the backend, select which group of users are allowed post testimonials
  • Testimonials block is provided which can be placed at any position on your website. This block supports pagination and multiple effects
  • Our Prestashop product reviews extension comes with multiple templates for the landing page
  • Email settings can be configured
  • Configure SEO settings for landing page
  • Multi-store & Multilingual
  • New Feature - Added Sorting options (By ASC, By DSC,By Date,Rating based, position based)
  • New Feature - Option added to only allow verified reviews(valid order)
  • New Feature - Option added to add comments on reviews
  • New Feature - Option added to control comments on reviews
  • New Feature - New better search block
  • New Feature - Dynamic rating stars added for which color can be modified


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