Conmutador de fondo

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Conmutador de fondo

  • best module Embellecer los fondos de la tienda
  • version PrestaShop
    v1.5.x - v1.7.8.x

Free PrestaShop Background Switcher Module allows you to upload different images from your PC and apply as a webpage background on different pages of your website. You can select the target pages on which images will be applied on full scale.  

Make your website lively by applying custom backgrounds on different pages of your website. This free PrestaShop Background switcher addon allows you to easily upload different images and set as a background theme. It helps your marketing campaign by allowing you to decorate your website according to different events like christmas, New year, and other holidays.

The backoffice section lists following options:

  • You can enable/disable the module easily

  • Select the image from your PC to change the background

  • Select target pages like home page, category or other pages

  • Align background image on centre or in a repeat pattern

These background banners or images can promote different brands, marketing campaigns or just add a style to your website that pleases customers. They also satisfy the taste of your visitors

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