PrestaShop Geo IP Ban | Block Bots and Users based on IP and Country

PrestaShop Geo IP Ban | Block Bots and Users based on IP and Country

  • Ensure Website Security
  • PrestaShop
    v1.6.x - v1.7.7.x

PrestaShop GEO IP Ban module by FME checks the IP address of incoming website traffic and will either allow or block visitors’ access to your website as defined in the access control lists. You can block IP addresses or countries by using this block IP module. Prevent your website from spam, bots and other security attacks. See Demo to learn more about the benefits.

  1. Block Website Access For Specific Countries or List Of IPs
  2. Redirect to Another URL or Show Custom Message to Blocked Users
  3. Add IP Exceptions to Allow Access for Specific IPs From a Block Country
  4. Automatically Detects User Location From IP Address

Overview of Prestashop GEO IP Module

PrestaShop Block IP address extension is a unique spam protection solution that will filter IP addresses and countries. Get rid of the unwanted website traffic by adding a layer of solid defense. This plug-in protects your website from spam traffic, network vulnerability attacks from anywhere around the world. You can monitor online visitors and instantly block them in real time. 

For the Merchant

Besides GEO IP blocking or banning IP addresses, you might need to block your direct competitors from visiting your website and stealing your ideas. Hence, your Web server does not get overloaded due to spam and your website remains active. Redirection feature can also be used especially when you want to redirect visitors to a separate page or URL according to their region/country.  

For the Customer

Allow customers to safely browse through stores without compromising their personal data or any spam attacks on their personal discount.

It establishes a sense of trust within the customer helps them remain alongside for the long run


  • Select whether you want to block specific IP addresses or countries
  • Add as many IP addresses in a block list as you may need
  • Exclude IP addresses from a list (ACL)
  • Easily add country or region to a security control list
  • Show a personalized message to blocked visitors or redirect them to another URL by using this Geolocation security plugin
  • Geo IP Ban will work for multistores.
  • You can maintain a list of different records for different stores.
  • You can make one shop Redirect to a URL and can display a blocked message for another shop.
  • You can block different countries and IP's for different shops. 
  • New Revamped version with new API service - IP2location
  • Option to select live API or upload CSV file of IP's
  • Multi-store
  • Multilingual
  • New Feature - Show customer location on MAP from where order was placed (BO Order detail page)
  • New Feature - Block IP by range (can add multiple blocks)
  • New Feature - Option to block all/selected bots

It is important that you understand your network traffic, diagnose and react to any threats timely. Please see DEMO for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (1)

  • I want only to allow visitors from 1 particular country. The rest will be, based on their country, redirected to different url's for their country.Would that be possible with this module?

    You can block rest of countries but they will only redirect to single URL, you can not redirect each country to different URL.