Prestashop Product Builder Composite

Prestashop Product Builder Composite

  • Composite Product Builder
  • PrestaShop - 1.7.8.x

Prestashop Composite Product Builder allows you to offer products with additional items. Offer products in packs and bundles and easily increase the average cart value.

  1. Offers products where customers will choose the items
  2. Products such as Custom PCs, Suits etc
  3. Multiple layout and selection options

Overview of Prestashop Composite Product Builder Module

Composite Product Builder gives admin option to show products with additional items i.e Wedding Dress, Pizzas with options, Gift Boxes, Custom computers, made to order shoes, dress shirts, etc.

This allows admins to offer customizable products with multiple options and the user can choose his desired options.

If you want to offer a Custom Computer, simply add all items that you want to offer to the customer and add those items to a Custom Computer Products. While purchasing the user will see all the options available i.e type of hard disks, graphics cards, keyboard types, etc. These additional items will only be visible inside the main product i.e Custom Computer.


  • Create products with additional items
  • Show additional items in List, Steps or as Accordion
  • Option to add single product, complete category or products by tags
  • Show items as separate products or as product combination
  • User can select items as dropdown, thumbnails or radio buttons
  • Make any item as mandatory
  • Separate order tabs only showing product bundles that been order
  • Abandoned cart tab only showing abandoned carts for product bundles
  • Display the composite product on quick view

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