Shipping Rate Calculator

Shipping Rate Calculator

  • One Click Shipping Rate Calculator
  • PrestaShop - 1.7.7.x

Shipping Rate Calculator Module for Prestashop shows the shipping costs for the product. User can see the estimated shipping cost with and without item price right on the product page.

Overview of Prestashop Shipping Rate Calculator Module

The latest module from FME Modules allows customers to see the shipping costs right on the product page with a single click. Usually, the shipping costs are shown at the end of the checkout process but by utilizing this module user do not need to go through complete process just to know that he/she can not afford that much shipping cost.

This module helps admin increase conversion rate by showing shipping rate information upfront. Customer will know exactly how much he will going to pay if he/she proceeds with the purchase. 

Shipping Cost Calculator module also enhances the customer experience and confidence by saving their time. They would not need to go through multiple steps to know the actual cost, they can calculate it with a single click. There is also an option to include the Tax into the calculator.


  • Calculate shipping cost on product page
  • Show shipping rates for all carriers
  • Attractive pop-up design
  • Country/ Zone based calculation
  • Zip/ Post Code based calculation
  • User can include cart value into the calculator
  • Added shipping calculation button to quick view
  • Enable / Disable for a specific category
  • Multistore compatibility

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