How to Add Rich Snippets in PrestaShop?

Rich Snippets were launched to improve click through rates of websites in search results. It modifies the markup language of a website to help the search engines understand the additional information present in a product or service page. Adding rich snippet to your online store is not necessary, but you may consider it for higher search engine visibility, users’ attention and standing out in SERPs.

How it may benefit you?

Rich snippets or structured data markup, tend to clarify information to search engine robots so that it can be explicitly displayed in search results. It also helps the users in finding relevant data about a product or service they are looking for. Whereas, a merchant or a store owner can reap its benefits in terms of a higher click-through rate and increased traffic.

The benefit of a user is ultimately an advantage to your online store, as users are more inclined to purchase products from a store that provides information right on the first impression.

Adding rich snippet in PrestaShop

You can enrich your PrestaShop store with a structured data markup to achieve more sales and web traffic by displaying relevant product details in SERPs. For your ease and comfort, we have come up with Google rich snippets PrestaShop Modulethat is a recommended and trusted one by most of the successful retailers. You seek guidance from the following tutorial for adding a rich snippet to your store.

Step 1: Install the rich snippets PrestaShop moduleand move to the modules section. Click on the ‘Configure’ option on the FMM Rich Snippet plugin.

Step 2: On the configuration page, you can enable or disable different schema markup fields as you feel appropriate for your store items. Simply check or uncheck the fields, and save the changes.

Step 3: The structured data is automatically added to the HTML, and you no longer have to alter the tags yourself.

Step 4: Save your selections and you are done with the settings. The selected schema markup fields appear in search engines beneath the URL, which makes the product or service page more meaningful and attractive.

Step 5: The PrestaShop rich snippets module is quite easy to manage. Move back to the modules section, where you can disable, reset, uninstall or delete the rich snippet PrestaShop module if does not seem useful for your store.

How soon a rich snippet for the product appears in searches?

The PrestaShop rich snippet module enables you to quickly add rich snippet for your products or services, whereas search engines like Google take time to review and analyze the modified HTML tags before displaying structured data in search results. According to positionly (, here is an observed pattern of how Google considers the display of structured data markup.

1. New markups are analyzed after a period of two weeks once they are added to a website.

2. If the provided data is correct and makes sense, Google displays it for some products of a store for a short period, say 5 days.

2. After a few days, the rich snippet appears again, either for the same product pages or others. This situation may repeat more often.

4. And, after around 8 weeks, the rich snippets qualify for an almost stable position in search results. The display is called a semi-permanent as it may disappear is an error is found in the HTML tags.

The addition of rich snippet to an online store often confuses the manager or an admin, as it takes a longer duration to appear in search results. Store owners often modify the code to achieve instant results, which may delay the display because the search engine initializes the analysis from the scratch once the tags are altered. You can have instant results with quick installation and configuration of the module, and allowing a month or two for the changes to take effect.