Mark your Calendars for the upcoming PrestaShop Days

PrestaShop is paving the way further for innovations and improvement in the eCommerce industry by holding a community meet up that is going to welcome store managers, web developers, designers, marketing and advertising agencies, and the fans. The event is considered to be as momentous as it was last year when more than 2000 members get together in Central Paris.

To let you have the experience, PrestaShop is going to celebrate PrestaShop Days instead of a single day, where participants can briefly discuss issues related to eCommerce on 3 different venues. To facilitate professionals across the borders, the events will take place in 3 cities that includes Madrid, Paris, and Milan.

The details are as under;

  • PS Day Madrid: Meeu, May 12 from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM; (Sorry you missed it)
  • PS Day Paris: Carreau du Temple, June 2 from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM;
  • PS Day Milan: TAG – Talent Garden Milano Calabiana, September 29, 2016, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.;

PrestaShop Day is arranged to bring the open source developers closer to the business leaders, who have build empires around such a vibrant eCommerce platform. They will share their inspirational and motivational success stories and let you mingle with other professionals of the industry.

What will be the core values of the meet-ups?

PrestaShop wants you to succeed in your business regardless of the kind of affiliation you have with the platform. You could be an eCommerce branding, developing, development or digital marketing agency to discuss the creative ideas you own and find innovative solutions through brainstorming and auditing case studies of the successful entrepreneurs.

The online shopping has experienced a hype that has ignored territorial and ethnic restrictions for businesses. Enhance the sales figure and achieve revenue targets by unleashing the power of eCommerce. You are counted for the PrestaShop Day to expedite the growth of your e-business.

What if you are Merchant?

Listen to the success stories of how young, energetic and even the aged entrepreneurs initiated an online business from scrap and made it a conglomerate. You will be greeted with a free audit of your e-store, which can be followed by workshops for boosting the performance of your business website. Discover the possibilities and achieve the dreams you have been chasing since long.

How Web Agencies can benefit?

Meet PrestaShop professional developers and designers to know different ways of understanding clients' requirements and making their store ready for a global outreach. Learn from a well-learned team to make more out of your projects and achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. You can also pitch some of the aspiring entrepreneurs for brilliant design and development services. 

Learning opportunity for Developers

Developers who are energized with brilliant ideas have a lot of activities to get engaged in these events. They can meet senior developers, exchange opinion with web agencies, and hunt for learning opportunities lying vacant with merchants. Seek guidance from industry professionals and draw your success path.

How a general attendee can benefit?

Besides profession and career-specific gains, you can get familiar with the innovative tools, plugins and appealing themes that are added to the PrestaShop marketplace. The community partners also showcase their helpful products along with the salient features to keep you aware of the industry updates.

Be the part of a mega event that is going to talk about all the problems you face in serving your clients or customers. Learn new ways of expanding your business to different territories, distinct people with unknown languages and behavior.

The tickets to PrestaShop Day are still available. You can grab them for the June event or enroll for a September event, as you feel comfortable.