Abandoned Cart Reminder
Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

Abandoned Cart Reminder

  • Reduce cart abandonement
  • PrestaShop
    1.5, 1.6, 1.7.x

Bring your lost customers back to the cart and encourage them to purchase more. PrestaShop abandoned cart module reduces cart abandonment with customer followup emails, reminding them about their forgotten half sale still hanging in the cart.

  1. Send Manual & Auto Abandoned Cart Reminders Emails
  2. Automatically Insert Discount Coupon In Reminder Email
  3. WYSIWYG Editor To Customize Email Template
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Bring your lost customers back to the cart and encourage them to purchase more  This email reminder module for PrestaShop solves the long sought problem of cart abandonment with a simple intimation email to the customer, reminding them about their forgotten half sale still hanging in the cart. Coupons codes can also be added in the customer followup emails to attract them even more towards goal completion.


The very basic function of this abandoned cart PrestaShop addon is to recover cart abandonment with the following;

  • Send multiple customer follow-up emails and attach coupons with discount offers
  • Personalize emails with multimedia content through WYSIWYG editor
  • Show Cart Summary in the customer reminder emails for better interaction

This abandoned cart reminder PrestaShop pluginutilizes emails to remind customers regarding left out carts which can be attributed several reasons such as customers saving money for the next month to complete checkout or just forgetting to purchase the product while getting distracted into something else. The emails can be modified by adding customizations through WYSIWYG editor with coupons and discount offers from the back end.

Benefits for the Merchant

This Customers email reminder module gives you the push needed for convincing the customer into trusting back your company. Never let a lost customer turn into a lost cause where you have the opportunity to guide them back to your store again. 


To customize emails, merchant can utilize the text editor features and use available templates to personalize settings for specific clients. The WYSIWYG Editor in this PrestaShop Followup moduleallows merchants to use HTML code in reminder emails to create an appealing impression on the cart abandoner. Other elements can also be customized such as text font, adding multimedia such as images and videos to leave an impact on the viewer.

Reconfirm Sales to Increase Revenue

The customer will receive an e-mail automatically while the track history will be recorded at the back office. With more abandoners piling up, you can simply send generic email to all the clients in order to intimate them about the products waiting for their attention in the cart. This restarts the checkout process and the company starts receiving its lost revenues.

Rewinding with Discounts

Recapture your clients by offering coupons and discount offers on products. Sometimes the primary reason for cart abandonment is overpriced merchandise. Eliminate this factor by introducing discounts and coupons on specific products to make customers hungry for purchasing them again.

Showing Concern

The purpose of sending reminder emails to cart abandoners is not only retrieving sales, but also showing concern to the customers for the long haul. You can prove to be a valuable assistance by helping them get over difficult decision through customized emails. This shows how important they are for your organization.

Benefits for the Customer

Each time the retailer sends a reminder it not only influences the customer to rethink about making the purchase but also sends a message of care. It shows the customers that they are being looked after hence improves the relationship with the merchant

Availing discounts

The more merchants interact, the more appraised customers feel to avail coupons and discounts offered on the products through the emails. This gives them the opportunity to save money on products which were once slightly beyond their reach.

Improving Communication 

It not only returns the customer’s mid-way purchase back to completion, but it also breaks the communication barrier between the merchant as well. Once the customer revisits the store after being convinced about purchasing the abandoned product, a fresh relation takes course.

Key Features of PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Reminder

  • Send multiple customer follow-up emails, attach coupons and customize the content
  • WYSIWYG editor allows you to personalize the email, create a compelling email content by using text, images, HTML etc.
  • Include Cart Summary in the customer reminder emails
  • Include Coupon codes in the customer follow-up emails
  • Added feature where User inputs time for cart considered as Abandoned
  • Customize email title and more.

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    It has saved me a lot of time & work. Nice module, thank you.

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Abandoned Cart Reminder

Abandoned Cart Reminder