Static Blocks
Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

Static Blocks

  • Customize your online store
  • PrestaShop
    v1.6.x - v1.7.7

PrestaShop Static HTML Block module allows you to create custom HTML blocks to display special information such as text, widgets, custom CSS/HTML or other stuff. You can add special blocks in footer, header, CMS pages or any other page in the left/right columns, with the ability to add CSS effects.

  1. Add unlimited HTML blocks
  2. Easily create special offers
  3. Specify dates to display static blocks
  4. 36 predefined hooks to display block on different pages and positions
  5. Show static blocks to specific groups
  6. Display block on specific products, category, cart, manufacturer & supplier pages
  7. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Store
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Overview of Prestashop HTML Block Module

PrestaShop Custom blocks plugin allows you to fill your website’s empty spaces with informative and entertaining images, videos, tables and any type of valuable content. Add custom code, widgets, banners, text with the help of MCE editor, or any other stuff that makes your web pages appealing and tempting.

Friendly Back office

For customizing the static blocks, you can easily access the back-end and create unlimited blocks or change the placement. You can add images, videos and other elements to the make the block appealing without any requirements of technical knowledge.

Make Conditional HTML Blocks

You can use AND or OR conditions based on category, cart or product to display your block on specific pages. Merchants can use this option to display special offers only when a specific condition is met.

Schedule Your Static Block

Option to schedule static block for a specific time period. After the specified time the block will not be visible.

36 Predefined Hooks

There are already 36 predefined hooks that can be used to display block anywhere on the page.

Cart Display Rules

Show Static Block on Cart when

  • Specific product is added to cart
  • Cart total value is equal, greater or less than “X”

Key Features of Prestashop HTML Block Module

  • Create multiple static blocks
  • Create text, images, videos, banners slider and add any other type of content
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Create custom templates and design your block custom CSS
  • Generate short code to add block anywhere manually
  • 36 built-in to display block on different pages and positions
  • Start and end date of a block
  • Restrict block by customer groups

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  • Perfect

    Perfect :) It works perfectly. And the customer post sale service is incredible. Thanks for all. 100% recommended.

  • Just amazing

    Just amazing… I had couple of issues but they have an excellent customer support... Simply the best... 100% recommended

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Static Blocks

Static Blocks