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Store Locator

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    v1.6.x - v1.7.x

Display your physical store locations on Google map with customizable map markers. PrestaShop Store locator modules detects customer locations and show them the nearest store locations. Customers can also search for store by address and products. Search by product will only show the stores which currently have that product in stock.

  1. Add Store Locations by Latitude / Longitude & Attach Products
  2. Search Store by Product, Address, Country, State, City or Zipcode
  3. Auto detects Customers Locations & Displays Nearest Store
  4. Provides Store Details, Opening Hours & Driving Directions using G-Maps
  5. Fully Responsive with Multiple Layout Options
  6. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Store
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Overview of Prestashop Store Locator Module

After installing Google Maps PrestaShop module, you can guide customers directly to nearest stores having the products they need, which ultimately increases your sales. Your customers can search nearest stores by products or by address to save their time.

When enabled on the site, it creates a separate landing page where you can show store details. This helps customers search and purchase the product with ease.

Key Features of Prestashop Store Locator With Google Maps

Add multiple stores – Store Contacts

Create multiple stores and add complete contact details. You can configure following options when adding a store.

  •        Attach products to the store
  •        Add a title
  •        Enter complete address including zip code, city, country, and state
  •        Enter latitude and longitude values
  •        Add Phone number, fax and email address as well
  •        Enable or disable the status of displaying a store
  •        Select products for adding them to the store
  •        Choose an image file for the store from computer or mobile device
  •        Add working hours for each day of the week

Configure default options

  •        Enable or disable the display of Store locator in the footer
  •        Allow or disallow the display of store locator on the sitemap page
  •        Enable a simplified view to display a store directory only
  •        Enter a default latitude and longitude of the store 

Contact details

Add contact details of your shop that can be used for email correspondence. It allows you to add

  •        Shop name and email address
  •        Registration information like SIRET or RCS
  •        Complete address with zip code, city, country, and state
  •        Phone and fax numbers

Configuration settings

Configure general settings of the Store Locator module. You can customize the plugin with the following options.

  •        Select a store page layout
  •        Enable the display of store tab on products pages
  •        Add a custom title and heading for the tab
  •        Select a distance unit i.e. km or mi
  •        Enable or disable auto detection of user location
  •        Allow or restrict customers to search store by product 

Benefits For the Customer:

  • Easily check store locations with product availability to save time
  • Set search radius to find nearest stores for relevant searches
  • Use Google Maps to find the nearest route to the store
  • Comprehensive store address to facilitate visitor
  • Can automatically detect visitor location and search nearest store from there
  • Hints are available  on search
  • Sort by minimum distance

Benefits For the Store Owner:

  • Simplified back-end for easy management
  • Allows displaying store data critical for customers
  • Customers can search store chains and branches to find the nearest service centers
  • Auto-locate customers location
  • Customize Google Maps landing page
  • Add store images
  • Configure stores with comprehensive details such as latitude, longitude and more.
  • Attach multiple products with stores
  • Add work hours and notes
  • Export to a CSV file
  • Show Hints to customers on search
  • Enable links in the footer and sitemap

See Demo for quick view or contact us if you have any questions. 

Reviews & Ratings (4)

  • Great module + Even Greater Support

    Module is absolutely spot on. Having all of your stores locations pinned on the map really enhances the stores page.

    On the support - Any issue was dealt with swiftly and professionally. I highly rate the support.

    You can clearly rely on this company.

  • Nice work with search feature

    The store search by product feature that has triggered me to buy the product. Also good work with the support guys!

  • improvement installation manual

    Gave me some weird error on installation but thanks to the free installation offer and a good support team to back the offer.

  • Can I Arrange Listing

    I have got what I paid for but is there a way to display stores in an order? Like older first? If not hope to see that feature added in next updates. Fingers Crossed ;)

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Store Locator

Store Locator