Professional Banners
Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

Professional Banners

  • Promote your products
  • PrestaShop
    1.5, 1.6, 1.7.x

PrestaShop Banner Slider module allows you to create professional banners for your website with extensive features and options to manage them on you website pages. This banner manager supports responsive banners, customizable image gallery slider, PrestaShop advertising block and many more valuable features.

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Area of Function

Professional Banners give a lot more than what you have bargained for. Your banners are useless if they are not optimized to serve the customers eyes.  This plugin functions as means for the merchant to display images in a banner slider with HQ resolution. This banner slider addon is responsive, allow you to customize and control banner animations, effects and other key features. You get the freedom to set the position of advertising banners anywhere on your web pages.

Benefits for the Merchant

Banners are one of the best marketing strategies to attract customers and promote products.


You can access the back office and position the banners in 30 difference positions. The slider mode can be adjusted such as horizontal or vertical. You can set time-period for banner advertising campaigns, change viewing setting of the banners such as auto-play and configure the animations/slideshows for customer gratification. You can also change position of the banners from right to left, and top to bottom.

Marketing Leverage

The tactical features of Banner Slider PrestaShop module allows the merchant to create advertising blocks with a slideshow of exciting images, captivate clients with image manipulation and enable ‘play and pause’ function for customer control. This provides a larger perspective to the customer for achieving understanding about the product and the brand.

Benefits for the Customer

Customers always require visual assistance to strengthen their choice for products. Image slider module helps customers by guiding them towards the products they have been searching for with elegant display of their specifications and features in a slide of optimized images. Customers can also access galleries and other pages where banners will also be available for assistance.

Key Features of PrestaShop Banner Slider Module

  • Display unlimited banners on your website at desired position
  • Around 30 positions included so that you can easily select where to display banners
  • You can select banner slider mode, Horizontal, Vertical, Fade.
  • Display Image Labels
  • Add banner slider on homepage, cms or product pages
  • Enable Auto Play Slides
  • Play/Pause Buttons
  • Slide Margins
  • Hide Arrow Controls on End
  • Control Slide Speed
  • Pause For Next Slide (time)
  • Random Start of Slides (after page refresh)
  • Infinite Loop of Slides
  • Pager(slides pagination)
  • Supported Pager Types
  • Full Short
  • Pager Short Separator (If pager type is short separator will be used( 3 of 6) e.g of), Full Short, Pager Short Separator (If pager type is short separator will be used( 3 of 6) e.g of).
  • Multi store

Reviews & Ratings (3)

  • Perfect!!

    Easy placement or I should say easy backend management, Thanks for making it simple for non-technical person like me.

  • A+

    The responsive thing is great. Tested through my mobile by adding slider on different places within the website and it works fine!

  • Looking forward to the next release

    Those shapes are very nice, Will love to see more slider designs in next module update.

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Professional Banners

Professional Banners